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If you’re here, then your child is most likely somewhere between 16 to 36 months old. If your child is younger than 16 months, then I recommend you go to my Baby Support Page. If you have multiple children and need help with two little ones in two different age groups, then I would recommend scheduling a Free Sleep Evaluation Call with me, so we can go over all the details of handling multiple age ranges.

Is your child officially a toddler yet? Some parents wonder what the official toddler age is. I know I wasn’t sure either, as my son got older. However, for our sleep purposes, I usually say by 16-18 months, your child has developmentally crossed that threshold. 

If you’ve come to this page, then I imagine you may be struggling with your little one. Toddlers are a true challenging bundle to handle. Toddlers are so unique, and their struggle is quite real and quite difficult for the parent too. Toddler-like behaviors can start as early as 12 or 14 months old sometimes. You will start to see boundary testing behaviors. 

What is boundary-testing behavior exactly? It can exemplify itself in many ways. Often parents complain that when their child is told “no”, they put on quite a show and even become stubborn to the point of hurting themselves or others. They may also continue to do or say things, even after being told “no” repeatedly, simply to see what happens. They can start to push back at even the simplest tasks, as well as tasks that you’ve both done a hundred times before with no issues. Now, for seemingly no reason, they are fighting or protesting anything and sometimes everything.

Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps you are just starting to see these behaviors and wondering what is happening to your sweet baby. Maybe you’ve been struggling with these daily battles for a while and are just fed up with the constant struggle with no end in sight.

Not to worry, you are not alone! Toddlers can be what my husband and I lovingly refer to as “the tiny terrorist phase” – terrorizing your house and your sanity! But all joking aside, it can be a rough stage for parent and child. They are going through major developmental changes that can last for weeks or even months (don’t panic)! It can be difficult for many parents to navigate between creating and maintaining consistent boundaries, while also being understanding of their toddler’s emotional needs.

Sleep needs aside, you need to better understand these behaviors and more importantly, learn how to help your child through these frustrating developmental leaps while not pulling your own hair out. I highly recommend taking some time to listen or read “The Whole Brain Child” by Dan Siegiel and “How To Talk So Little Kids will Listen” by Joanna Faber & Julie King. 

I personally don’t have enough time in the day to sit down and read, but these two audiobooks have helped not only myself but many of my struggling toddler parents as well. Having a “parenting toolbox” as it’s referred to, gives you a plethora of tools for handling all kinds of behaviors and daily battles. These books will help you avoid the screaming matches and frustration, as well as help, strengthen your connection and understanding of your child.

Now back to the sleep part! Maybe you and your toddler are doing great during the day and these terrible toddler behaviors are only surfacing at night. Maybe it’s been nonstop chaos and you need to get some sleep ASAP. Either way, I am here to help you find the best path back to sleep for your family.

Have you considered my Toddler Sleep Classes? Depending on where you are in your parenting journey you can consider taking my toddler sleep class to cover the basics for handling toddlers around bedtime. I know toddlers are complicated and every family is unique, so my sleep class is usually a great launching pad for many parents.

I offer a range of sleep classes, including a baby sleep education class. This baby class is geared towards toddlers that are 18 months to 36 months old. 

In this hour-long class, we will discuss –

  • Common developmental leaps and how they affect sleep 
  • What changes toddlers need for their sleep environment
  • Handling co-sleeping, room sharing, and crib to toddler bed transitions
  • Specific behavioral strategies for you to use to help your toddler handle bedtime
  • How to encourage your toddler toward more independent sleep habits

If this sounds like the perfect starting place for your sleep journey, then join me at my next class!

Click the button for the next available class date and times.


It’s important to note that each family is unique and what works for one family isn’t necessarily going to work for another. If you’re comparing your child’s behaviors to another’s –  STOP! Consider for a moment if you’d be happy or more content with your situation, if your friend’s child did the same thing as your own. 

If you’re feeling pressured to make a change because of any outside influences (family, friend or society) then I’m here to empower you to do what is right for your family! Yes, even if you’re co-sleeping, do what is right for you! Any change you make for others will not be a lasting change and can cause you more stress than it’s worth, as well as a higher risk of failure.

Now if you want to make a change because you and/or your family needs more sleep, or you want more peace around bedtime and overnight – then let’s make it happen!

My plans are built around support and educate to help you reach your sleep goals. I want to be there to answer all your questions and guide you through each step of the process to ensure you see success. Success is different for everyone, so if you need help getting your little one out of your bed or you want to get your child to sleep in their own room, then that’s you’re sleep goal and I can help you get there. We will go through each step in your plan and work together until everyone is happily sleeping!

My sleep packages start with an in-depth sleep evaluation questionnaire. This allows me a deep view into the sleep habits and personality of your family and your child. This evaluation helps me to write the best customized sleep plan for everyone.

Once I have created your personalized sleep plan, we will have a 1-2 hour consultation either in-home or remotely through a video call. These consultations allow us to work together to review the sleep plan and discuss any questions or concerns you may have, as well as make any changes or adjustments to the plan to best fit your parenting style.

Having the right support to see your way to success is the key! I work with all my parents until they reach their sleep goals. For this reason, I do not have a set time limit in which I work with my families. If we choose a slower method, that’s a better fit for your parenting style, you don’t pay any more than a family that sees success sooner with a quicker method. If we need to make changes throughout the plan to continue seeing success and it takes us longer to reach your sleep goals, there are no additional fees or charges.

I will stick with you until you are happy with your sleep situation!

Offering unlimited email support and unlimited scheduled phone call support for the duration of your sleep plan helps me be there for you and answers all your questions as needed throughout our time together.

Since toddlers can be so challenging, my toddler packages tend to be about 2-4 weeks long to see success with bedtime, overnights and naps. Although, depending on the child and the family’s situation, it can take longer, but as previously mentioned, there is no additional cost for any extended length of time we are together.

To ensure continued success I will provide you with a “Graduation Package” that will have extra information for you about moving forward. This information will include handling vacations/travel, Daylight Savings Time, nap transitions and more to make sure you are prepared for all the changes ahead and to keep you on track!

Ready to get started? Have some questions about your current situation? Then let’s talk! I offer a free  Sleep Evaluation Call to learn more about your situation and answer any questions you have about my process and methods. I can’t wait to help you and your whole family get to a happier sleep place!

Free Sleep Evaluation Call

If you are having ANY doubts in your mind about if this works or not, I can tell you from experience after having gone through one different sleep consultant, that Laura at Good Little SleeperZzz is the way to go! 

- Kezia Davis

Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7.15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius – who has always been a very happy boy – is even more happy now. It is now obvious to us that he didn’t get enough sleep before and that our difficulties getting him to sleep in the evenings were due to the fact that he was overly tired. Now we follow your advise on bedtime routines and everything else we learned from the sleep Sense program and are happy to say that your success rate is still 100% :-).
- Karianne, Jarle and Tinius Wanggaard

Laura was so helpful! She helped me teach my kids how to sleep and it was working by night two! I am so thankful to have sleeping kids. She has a great program and very fair pricing. If your kids don’t sleep 12 hours a night, call Laura!

- Jim Baker