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The Science Behind Sleep Training


There is a lot of talk around sleep training and everyone has their options on the subject. However, I find there is a lack of credible resources and information out there for parents looking to get an unbiased view of sleep training and everything involved. While “sleep training” does not have a strict definition, I have found that it has meant something different to each parent I have encountered, whether they have sleep trained or not. 

If you know me, then you know I’m not a fan of the word “training”. Why? Because I do not train babies or children to sleep. I work with parents to find their family’s happy sleep place. How we get there and what that looks like, is different for every family I work with. However, I know the term “sleep training” has a lot of negative associations and mixed reviews in the parenting world. 

My goal has always been to educate and empower parents to do what is right for their family. So, to that end, I want to provide more education on the topic of sleep training for parents who may not be sure if it’s something they’re interested in or comfortable taking on.

There is a lot of unanswered questions and possible concerns for parents who may have heard all sorts of things about sleep training. So, I’m here today to offer some unbiased information from third party websites that I am not affiliated with in any way. These websites will give you scientific data and information about sleep training without any intention of trying to sell you anything. So, you can decide if sleep training is right for you and your family.

First up is a great article by National Public Radio (NPR) about sleep training. This article does a great job giving you the basics about sleep training, discussing various options for training as well as the pros and cons of sleep training.

“I just think it’s really important to not make parents feel guilty about their choice on sleep training. We need to show them scientific evidence, and then let them make up their own minds.”
– Dr. Harriet Hiscock

This is my favorite quote from this article because this is the basis of my company and my approach. I always want to empower parents to make the best decision for their family with all the facts; even if that means they decide not to use my services. This next article is great, as it discusses the concerns of most parents when it comes to sleep training – the crying and the stress. This is an educational article that approaches the entire subject of crying and stress from a scientific point of view. Dr. Alice Callahan, mom and researcher, gives you all the facts (good and bad) based on research studies about sleep training and the potential stress and crying that comes with it.
“My intention in this research and writing is most definitely not to give a stamp of approval to all sleep training methods. Rather, it is to move beyond blanket judgments, put the stress of sleep training to context, and to think critically about what we can do to support and respect babies as they learn to sleep so that it is a positive, not toxic, experience.”
- Alice Callahan, PhD

Change can be a scary and difficult for anyone, babies and adults alike. Fear of changing things with your little one and fear of crying is a big reason parents don’t make any changes around their child sleep. If you’re concerned about crying or hearing your little one cry is unbearable, as it is for most parents, this is an amazing article discussing types of crying, causes of crying and appropriate responses.

“Fortunately, babies come equipped with a repair kit, and can overcome the effects of stress through the natural healing mechanism of crying. Research has shown that people of all ages benefit from a good cry, and tears help to restore the body’s chemical balance following stress.”
- Aletha Solter, PhD

I also think it’s super important that we discuss the power of sleep and the effects that poor sleep has on parents and children. This article from The Science of Mom, discusses all the increased risks to both parent and child when they are sleep deprived, as well as, the societal pressure put on parents to just “continue surviving”. My goal as a parent have never been to simply survive, it is to enjoy the time with my child and help them thrive, but not at the risk of my mental health (or theirs)!
“The struggle for sleep is a legitimate concern, and this is the context in which sleep training methods were developed. Parents don’t turn to sleep training because they are lazy, insensitive, or because they think babies should be seen and not heard. They turn to sleep training because they and their babies need more sleep, and they recognize that sleep deprivation can take a serious toll on their family’s health.”
- Alice Callahan, PhD

Maybe you’re the type of parent that enjoys reading research studies, like my husband, who just loves doing research. Good news, I have included several links relating to infant sleep training. Although there are many more studies, here are a few that are popular:

Every parent and grandparent will be happy to tell you what worked for their child or their opinion on the topic of sleep. While it’s nice to share family experiences, it’s important to NEVER compare! Do not compare your family, your child, your parenting style, your relationship or any of it to anyone else’s experiences! You and your family are unique, so just because it worked for your friend or your mother said it’s what she did, get the facts and make the best decision for you and your family. 

I support my families to find their happy sleep place, no matter what that looks like! Let’s take the stress of sleep away and work together to find what works for your family.

Success Stories

Why didn’t we try this sooner?! As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib – and has been since 7.15 pm. We are so pleased to get the evenings to ourselves again, and Tinius – who has always been a very happy boy – is even more happy now. It is now obvious to us that he didn’t get enough sleep before and that our difficulties getting him to sleep in the evenings were due to the fact that he was overly tired. Now we follow your advise on bedtime routines and everything else we learned from the sleep Sense program and are happy to say that your success rate is still 100% :-).
- Karianne, Jarle and Tinius Wanggaard

I just want to share that I am THRILLED with your program! We are now into the 2nd month and even in the very beginning he is sleeping 11-12+ hours straight through the night! He has learned to put himself back to sleep and we never thought that would happen, it has been simply amazing! We used to be the parents who got no sleep, now our friends are jealous that he sleeps so many hours through the night and their child doesn’t!I brag to EVERYONE about how well he sleeps and that we have a life again! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I never dreamed I would sleep through the night for 8 hours again! You are awesome!
- Stephanie

I purchased the sleep program a few weeks ago and I am absolutely satisfied. The change was INSTANT, the same night I started the program was the night he started sleeping better and he keeps improving.

My wife and I are also sleeping better and we a better parents for it as we are able to enjoy our new son. Thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend this system to any new parents

From 2 proud and well rested parents (and one cute little boy)

- Jeff, Jodie & Jacob Carroll

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful manual. I have a baby girl of a year and a half who was very active during the day and was having problems sleeping through the night. Thanks to your program she’s sleeping all night, and though she sometimes wakes up, it is for very little time and she goes back to sleep on her own. It’s been a blessing for me and my husband, but of course also for her, since she wakes up very happy and goes about her day happier than ever and as active as always, too. Again, congratulations on your new baby girl and thank you for your wonderful program. Wish you all the best all the way from San Juan, Puerto Rico.
- Miredly Ramos