The holidays are a magical time filled with family, festivities, and travel. But if you’re traveling with little ones, maintaining a sleep schedule can seem impossible amidst the holiday chaos. Worry not! Here are some tips to help your family achieve restful nights while enjoying the holiday season away from home.

Prepare Ahead of Time 

Before embarking on your holiday adventure, have a chat with your child about where you’ll be going, who they’ll meet, and most importantly, where they’ll be sleeping. This can help them mentally prepare and reduce anxiety.

Pack Familiar Sleep Accessories 

A familiar blanket, pillow, or bedtime story can make an unfamiliar place feel like home. Packing a few of your child’s favorite sleep-time items can create a comforting environment, no matter where you are.

Stick to Routines 

Holidays can be hectic, but try to stick to your child’s regular sleep schedule as much as possible. If they nap at 1 PM at home, aim for a nap at the same time during your travels.

Scout Sleeping Arrangements in Advance

Learn the sleeping arrangements beforehand if you’re staying with relatives or in a hotel. This can help you decide if you need to pack a travel crib or if your child will be sharing a bed with a sibling.

Create a Sleep Sanctuary 

Transform your holiday sleeping space into a serene environment. Consider packing a white noise machine, using blackout curtains, or even just draping a dark sheet over windows. The goal is to create a quiet, dark place conducive to sleep.

Be Ready for Time Zone Changes 

If your holiday travels involve changing time zones, gradually adjust your child’s sleep schedule a few days before departure. Shift bedtime and wake-up time by 30 minutes earlier or later each day, depending on your destination.

Allow for Wind-Down Time 

After a day filled with holiday excitement, kids need time to wind down. Even if it means starting your bedtime routine a little earlier than usual, ensure there’s ample calm before sleep.

Communicate with Family and Friends 

Make sure your hosts or other family members understand your child’s sleep needs. Kindly ask them to keep noise levels down during nap times or explain that late-night festivities might be past your child’s bedtime.

Stay Flexible and Patient 

While it’s essential to stick to routines, it’s also important to remember that holidays are a unique time. There might be late nights or missed naps. Stay flexible and patient, and remember that any sleep disruptions are temporary.

Enjoy the Holidays 

Lastly, remember to relish the holiday season. It’s a special time to create memories with loved ones. And with a bit of preparation, it can be restful for everyone, too!

Struggling with sleep challenges during the holidays? 

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