Miami Baby Sleep Consultant

I have been right where you are: exhausted, frustrated, at your wit’s end, out of options. You’ve tried books, programs or random advice and are still struggling with your child’s sleep! These reasons are why I started Good Little SleeperZzz. My son had severe sleep issues and didn’t sleep more than an hour at a time most nights. We were miserable. I found a lot of reading material and studied all I could, but nothing was specific to our issues and nothing seem to work for my unique child!

The Right Method and Support

When I found the right method to help my baby, everything changed. I started the plan with the right support to help me, and in a short time, my son was sleeping through the night! I realized when going through this with my own son, having the right support, made all the difference in my and Logan’s success. That’s when I decided to go “back to school” and became a sleep specialist so I could help other families developing personalized sleep plans and supporting parents through this change.

Not only does a lack of sleep cause everyone to be exhausted and miserable, children who don’t receive the proper amount of sleep have an increased chance of obesity, a higher risk of hyperactivity, and effects on organizational abilities, effects on memory, and the lack of ability to control their emotions. Sound like any toddler or kid you may know?

Every Child is Unique

I have realized through my research and business that every child is different. A general book cannot give you specific help with your child’s sleep issues. You have to understand your individual child’s specific challenges and needs to help them sleep well. I will help you with a customized approach. It will take into consideration your own parenting methods along with a personalized strategy for your individual, unique child.

Emotional support is vital during the transitions of sleep adjustment which is another reason I offer one-on-one guidance for every client I help. I place top priority on making sure each client understands how important healthy sleep habits are for the well-being and health of your baby (and yourself). I teach parents and develop personalized plans, which include how to measure success and appropriate expectations, to help you stay on track.

Sleep Plans for All Ages

As your baby grows and begins to mature, their dispositions and individual needs continuously change. I offer unique plans for children in different developmental stages. A toddler needs a very different sleep plan than a newborn. I make it a priority to provide you with a plan that is for the specific needs of the child’s developmental stage. I also have plans for families with multiples, twins, and children of different ages.


Get started on the right path with your newborn. A plan right now is a great time to help teach your new baby healthy sleeping habits for years of peaceful nights. It is never too early to get started in teaching your little bundle of joy.


Any issues your baby has with sleep begins to show as they start to grow and develop in the first year and a half. Stop any problems before they get out of hand by training at this stage of their life.


When toddlers have a hard time falling and staying asleep, their sometimes stubborn personalities can cause some of the most stress when trying to change habits. We will personalize a rock-solid plan to help you get them where they need to be in their sleep patterns.


One child not sleeping is one thing, but more than one can be extra hard. We will work together to create a plan if you are struggling to get your twins or triplets to develop consistent sleep schedules. I also specialize in creating plans for families with children of different ages, so you can get everyone on the same schedule and sleep well. It’s never too early or too late to create healthy sleeping habits, because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep!

Miami, FL Baby Sleep Consulting

As your Miami pediatric sleep trainer, I am here for you. It is time for you and your child to get the sleep you deserve and need. Contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation.

Give you and your baby the gift of sleep!