A good night’s sleep is like magic for kids! It helps them grow strong, makes them more cheerful, and gears them up for a day full of fun and learning. But ensuring they get that restful sleep every night? That’s where the design of their room can come in. Here’s a detailed guide to making your child’s bedroom the perfect haven for sleep:

The Magic of Darkness

Sunlight is great for playtime, but darkness is a dream’s best friend when it’s nap time or nighttime. Blackout shades can be a parent’s hero during those bright afternoon naps. When night falls, use dim and warm lighting (think sunset colors). Soft warm lighting before bed is not only calming but can boost your body’s natural melatonin (the sleep hormone). However, the darker the room is overnight, the easier your child can fall asleep and stay asleep! For older kiddos who need a night light, be sure to keep that light as dim and soft as possible – again, sunset colors, red, orange, and yellow. Be sure to stay away from white, blue, purple, or green lighting around and leading up to sleep since those colors can prohibit the brain from producing melatonin.

Keep it Comfy with the Right Temperature

Just like us, children sleep best when the room’s temperature is just right. Aim for a cozy 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit with about roughly 45-55% humidity. If your child’s sleep space is warmer or cooler than these, just ensure that your child is dressed accordingly. If it’s warmer, then they should have a single layer of cotton or other all-natural breathable fiber and no blankets or sleep sacks. If it’s cooler, then be sure to have an appropriate sleep sack or blanket that can keep them warm. 

It is worth noting that toddlers, ages 2.5-3 years and younger, will not have the coordination to manage using a regular blanket. Therefore, those in that younger age range should have a wearable blanket or sleep sack until they are old enough to manage to cover (and re-covering) themselves at bedtime and overnight.

If you’re unsure what is happening in your child’s room specifically, you can look for a reliable thermometer and hygrometer to ensure you’re on the right range.

The Wonder of Modern Monitors

Our world is filled with amazing gadgets, and a good monitor is among the best for parents. It lets you keep a loving eye on your sleeping child. So, you can relax without making those ninja-like trips to their room and risking waking them. However, you’ll want to ensure that your monitor does not interfere with your child’s sleep. Be sure to watch out for any power lights or additional lighting your monitor may be projecting that could be distracting them from sleep! If there is a little blue or green light shining, you can use a small piece of electrical tape to cover the light up easily. The same would go for any other pieces of technology in their room – wipe warmers, humidifiers, etc., and cover up all those little lights!

Your Cozy Corner

Every parent needs a comfy spot in their child’s room. Whether it’s a cushioned chair or a gentle rocking chair, it’s your special place. Here, you’ll read adventurous tales, hum lullabies, or watch your child peacefully sleep. Make this spot cozy for memorable moments with your little one.

Sometimes, it can also be helpful to have a cozy spot on the floor. Once your child is able to get moving, you may find it difficult to keep them in your lap. A great way to continue your bedtime ritual will be to allow for more movement from them without chasing them. Sitting comfortably on or low to the ground allows your child to easily get books or move around while still having access to your comfy lap!

Quick Finds for Nighttime

Nighttimes are smoother when you’re organized. Imagine having a small basket just for nighttime stuff. No more searching in the dark! Everything’s at your fingertips. And remember: a tidy room brings calmness. When things are organized, you and your child can relax more easily.

Colorful Calm

Colors make us feel things. Bright colors are fun and loud, but for sleep, we need gentle ones. Think of soft blues, calming lavenders, or light greens. These colors are like a soft blanket for the eyes, whispering, “It’s sleepy time.” Choose these for a dreamy bedroom atmosphere.

Hush the World

Sometimes, the world outside can be noisy. A gentle sound machine can work wonders. They create a tranquil bubble, guarding your child’s dreams. You can see some of my preferred sound machines to create the best background noise from peaceful sleep.

Playtime vs. Sleeptime

Toys are fun, but a bed filled with them might tell your child it’s playtime, not sleep time. Have a separate toy storage area in the room and keep the sleeping space focused on rest.

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Your child’s restful sleep is a foundation for their happiness and health, and you play a huge role in crafting that perfect sleep environment. If you ever need help, advice, or just a chat about making sleep times smoother, Contact Laura today. Together, let’s ensure every night is filled with sweet dreams and every morning with bright smiles.