Frequently Asked Questions

South Florida Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Is there a good age to start sleep training?

It’s never too early to start healthy sleep habits! I have plans starting from newborns to school age kids (it’s never too late either). Although it important to understand that most babies won’t be able to sleep through the night (10-12 hours straight) until about 4-6 months.

Can I co-sleep (bed share) while sleep training?

This depends on your sleep goals, I am happy to help you get more sleep in a safe way by educating and supporting you to reach your sleep goal, whatever that is for your family. If your sleep goal is to help your child stop breastfeeding all night but you’d like to continue co-sleeping, I can help. If your sleep goal is to teach your child to sleep in his own room independently then I can help with that too. Every family’s situation and goals are different, that is why my plans and support is unique to each family. Whether your goal is to move your child into his own bed in own room or to find a way to room share so everyone can get more sleep and still be close, there is a happy sleep situation waiting for you. I will provide you with the customized plan and the full support you need reach your sleep goals (and I can confidently say that I have seen plenty of success with room sharing and co-sleeping families)! Questions about if my plans would work for you? Book your free sleep evaluation call now!

Can I continue breastfeeding while sleep training?

Of course! I’m a huge fan of breastfeeding – it’s such a great bonding experience for you both, not to mention the health benefits! I don’t focus on how you feed your child…just that he’s getting enough to eat and at the right times of day while you’re teaching him to sleep.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

I accept online credit card payments, checks and cash.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, I understand this can be a large investment for some so I’m happy to invoice you in installments. A deposit must be paid prior to our consultation and I will work with you to break up the payments into manageable amounts.

Where are your services available?

Everywhere, I can work with clients remotely as well as locally. I am located in the west Broward area and travel to all three counties, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. I offer in-home consultations and support packages as well as offering video/phone consultations with virtual support.

Do you offer nighttime and overnight support?

Yes, I offer a range of support options including half night and full night, both in-home and remote. You can check out all my additional support options here.

do you charge different amounts based on age?

No, I charge different amounts based on your choice of support services. You shouldn’t need to pay more because your child is a newborn or even a challenging toddler. Reaching your sleep goals, regardless of age,  will take time and dedication so for that I focus of offering the right support package for your needs. If you’re struggling with naps then my Daytime Texting Support will be the perfect option or maybe you’re worried about making a big change on the first night, then my Bedtime Support is a great option or perhaps you want to have Overnight Text and Phone support so we can stay connected during those challenging night wake ups. Whatever your concern, I have the right support plan to help you through it all!

My baby has reflux and/or colic, can I still sleep train?

It depends on your specific situation, I have worked very successfully with reflux and colicky babies, (including my own son). This is something that I evaluate on a per-case basis; as well as working with pediatricians or specialist to make sure this is the best option for your baby. If you have more questions about if this is right for your baby book your free evaluation call here.

Do you believe in the “cry it out” method?

Let’s talk about the crying. It’s a question I get asked frequently and since “crying it out” is a big deal, I think we should discuss it quickly here. Babies don’t have a good way to communicate – the only voice they have is to cry. Since no baby out there likes changes to their familiar routine, (even if it’s what best for them) you shouldn’t be surprised by some level of crying. I will always be honest with my parents and I do create a custom plan to work as gently as possible to minimize the tears, but there is usually some level of protest.

To be completely honest, I would never ask you to do anything with your child that I personally won’t be willing to do, this includes leaving your child to cry alone or ignoring their cries. The reason that my method is so effective is twofold: First, it is a customized plan to fit your family and your parenting style. Secondly, because I support you through the entire plan. If something isn’t working we can always change it, I am very flexible and will change plans based on the baby’s needs. Many parents have lots of questions and self-doubt when it comes to this subject so while I’m not promising it will be a tear-free experience, I do promise to help support you every step of the way, which is why I offer in-home overnight support and overnight text support. 

We both work full time, can this program work for us? And how will that work?

Definitely, as your certified pediatric sleep consultant in South Florida, my plans are customized to fit your lifestyle and parenting methods. I always suggest starting over a long weekend. If you can take off a Friday and your husband can take off a Monday (or you can work from home) – that’s ideal. Having four days to follow the plan before handing things over to daycare will help a lot. If you have a nanny or family member in your home, it isn’t as big of an issue to take time off because presumably, your nanny or family member will follow the plan as you would have. I will also be giving you tips on working with daycare or how to prep your nanny or family member! If you have any concerns about if this is right for your baby, book your free evaluation call now.


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