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Your Go-To Sleep Consultant in South Florida: Good Little SleeperZzz FAQs

Deciding When to Begin Sleep Training

The journey of parenthood is dotted with countless questions, one of the most common ones being, “When is the right time to start sleep training?” The truth is, there’s no universal “right” age for sleep training as it largely depends on your child’s individual development and your family’s needs.

Our programs are designed to help newborns to school-aged children. Newborns have very different sleep patterns and needs compared to older babies and children. However, it’s crucial to remember that most babies aren’t developmentally ready to sleep through the night (10-12 hours) until about 4-6 months old. So, while you can instill healthy sleep habits early on, patience is key to a good night’s sleep for both you and your baby.

Co-Sleeping and Sleep Training: Can They Go Hand in Hand?

A frequent question we hear is whether co-sleeping and sleep training can coexist. The simple answer is absolutely! At Good Little SleeperZzz, we believe in tailoring our approach to fit your family’s unique needs and desires. We understand that every family has unique sleep goals, and we aim to help you achieve those in the safest, most comfortable way possible.

If your goal is to move your child to their own room gradually, we can create a step-by-step plan to make that transition smooth and stress-free. Conversely, if you wish to continue co-sleeping while reducing all-night breastfeeding, we can guide you on how to balance these two aspects effectively.

Breastfeeding During Sleep Training: Is It Possible?

Yes, indeed! You can definitely continue to breastfeed during sleep training. Breastfeeding is a fantastic way for you and your baby to bond and boasts a host of health benefits for your little one. Our primary concern is ensuring your child eats enough and at the right times while learning to sleep.

Payment Methods and Plans at Good Little SleeperZzz

We strive to make our services as accessible as possible. That’s why we accept various payment methods, including online credit or debit cards, as well as most cash and banking apps. Additionally, recognizing that sleep consulting can be a significant investment for some families, we offer flexible payment plans. A deposit is required before our consultation, after which we break down the remaining payments into manageable installments.

Good Little SleeperZzz Services: Where and How?

No matter where you’re located, we’re here to support you. Distance is no barrier to us. We provide video/phone consultations with virtual support for clients preferring remote assistance or are located outside our primary locations. We have in-home support services located across south Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area (including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties), as well as north Florida in the Gainesville area (including Alachua, Levy, Marion counties). 

Nighttime and Overnight Support Options

Sleep training is often most challenging during the night. To help you through these tough times, we offer a range of support options, including half-night, full-night, in-home, and remote. Our goal is to provide you with the assistance you need when you need it the most.

Pricing Based on Child’s Age? Not Here!

At Good Little SleeperZzz, we charge based on the type of support services chosen, not your child’s age. Whether you have a newborn or a spirited toddler, our focus is on providing the best-suited support package for your family’s specific needs.

Sleep Training for Babies with Reflux/Colic

If your baby suffers from reflux or colic, you may wonder if sleep training is a viable option. We’ve worked successfully with many such babies, often collaborating with pediatricians or specialists to ensure the best outcome for your baby.

Our Stance on the “Cry It Out” Method

A topic that often comes up in discussions about sleep training is the “Cry It Out” method. While we acknowledge that crying is a baby’s way of communicating, we aim to work gently and as tear-free as possible.

In developing a sleep plan, we aim to minimize any distress for your child. We firmly believe in supporting both the parents and child throughout the sleep training journey, never advocating for ignoring your child’s cries. It’s about helping your child learn to sleep peaceful and comfortably, and every baby responds differently to changes in their routine.

However, we ensure that our methods are twofold: they are tailored to fit your family and your parenting style and come with our full support throughout the process. If something isn’t working, we are flexible and adjust the plan based on your baby’s needs.

Can Full-Time Working Parents Benefit from Our Program?

Absolutely! We recognize the challenges of balancing work and parenting. That’s why our sleep training plans are designed to fit your lifestyle and parenting approaches.

If you’re a working parent, we recommend initiating the sleep training plan over an extended weekend. This gives you a solid four days to implement the plan before involving daycare or other caregivers. If a nanny or a family member cares for your child at home, they can follow the plan in your stead.

We also provide advice on coordinating with daycare or preparing other caregivers for your child’s new sleep routine. The goal is to ensure continuity and consistency in your child’s sleep training, irrespective of who’s caring for them.

For Any Question or Concern: The Journey to Better Sleep is with Good Little SleeperZzz

Parenting is a journey filled with wonder, joy, and questions. At Good Little SleeperZzz, we’re here to answer those questions and support you through raising a child’s beautiful, sometimes challenging, journey.

As your certified child sleep consultant in South Florida, we’re committed to creating a peaceful sleep environment for your child and providing you with the rest you deserve.

Sleep is not a luxury; it’s a necessity—for both you and your child. Let’s take the first step towards better sleep today. Book your free sleep evaluation call now, and let us create a personalized sleep plan for your family. You’re not alone in this journey; let Good Little SleeperZzz guide you towards better sleep and happier, healthier lives.

Give you and your baby the gift of sleep!