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Are you looking around and not sure if you need a full sleep package?  Not sure where to start with child sleep help? Then you have come to the right place!

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There is so much information out there between social media and Google, it is easy to get lost or confused and not know what the best option is. This is an amazing way to get started and avoid becoming overwhelmed!

I have teamed up with the amazing people at BabySparks to be able to offer group sleep classes as well as private 1-on-1 sessions.

What is BabySparks you ask? They are not only a website but an app as well, providing parents with personalized age-appropriate, developmentally enriching daily activities! I highly recommend them to all my parents looking for fun ways to engage with their newborn, baby, or toddler. With new and different activities every day, it can help you bond with your child through play as well as enhancing their physical and mental skill sets!

Besides being a personalized daily activity planner for you and your baby, they also offer many parent classes, including – breastfeeding, starting solids, picky eater, potty training, mommy & me workouts, and (of course) SLEEP!

I am super grateful to be able to be BabySparks’ resident sleep expert! I am offering group sleep classes for newborns, babies, and toddlers as well as private sleep sessions. If you have read my backstory, then you know my passion has always been teaching and I absolutely love being able to help educate parents all over the world through BabySparks!

Sleep Classes

I am so excited to be able to offer these sleep education classes for parents everywhere! Not sure if a sleep class is right for you? Then let’s review what is included with these sleep classes.

These sleep classes are ideal for first-time parents that aren’t sure how (or when) to start addressing sleep concerns. These classes are geared towards getting you started with a solid knowledge base of all the factors that affect sleep and the various changes you can make to help you and your babies get more sleep! Since children are always developing, I offer various sleep classes geared toward specific age ranges including newborns (parents-to-be to 12 weeks old), babies (3 to 12 months old), and toddlers (18 months to 3 years old).

Newborn Class (parents-to-be to 12 weeks old)

In this class we’ll discuss all the basics, the things to worry about, things not to worry about, and what changes you can start now.

  • Basic sleep facts about newborns (what makes newborn sleep different)
  • How feeding affects sleep
  • Feeding red flags
  • Co-sleeping, room sharing, and sleeping separately (all are welcomed)
  • Addressing safe sleep concerns
  • When and how to establish a schedule and routine 

Baby Class (3 to 16 months old)

In this class, we’ll discuss all the sleep basics. I will teach you the factors that can affect sleep, what changes you can make now, and when and what options you have for sleep training.

  • Basic sleep facts (how sleep cycles work and how regressions affect them)
  • What your baby needs to sleep and making changes to their sleep needs
  • Establishing ideal schedules and routines that work for you
  • The ideal sleep environment and the other factors that affect sleep
    • Co-sleeping, room sharing, and sleeping separately (all are welcomed)

Toddler Class (18 months to 3 years old)

In this class, we’ll discuss the tough developmental behaviors they are going through, their effects on sleep, as well as some parenting strategies for encouraging more independent sleep behaviors.

  • Developmental leaps and behaviors that affect sleep during this age range
  • Behavioral strategies for handling toddler tantrums at bedtime and overnight
  • Encouraging and empowering toddlers toward more independent sleep
  • Handling environmental factors and regression
    • Discussing cribs, toddler beds, and co-sleeping 

These classes are perfect for setting parents up with the tools and knowledge they need to make positive sleep changes that meet their family’s needs. Click on any of the classes above to see available times and dates for that specific class.

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Private Sleep Coaching Sessions & Ask Me Anything Sessions

Do you have some sleep-related questions or just need some expert advice without the intensity of a full sleep plan? Then, I have the perfect solution for you – my private 1-on-1 sessions!

So many parents just want to have their specific questions answered about their unique situation but don’t need a full sleep overhaul. This is a great opportunity to book one of my private sessions.

I am currently offering 2 different 1-on-1 sessions:

Private Sleep Coaching

A 60-minute private sleep coaching session where we can do a deep dive into your current sleep situation and discuss various options for making improvements.

Private Ask Me Anything

A 30-minute private session where you can ask me any particular sleep questions you have for your unique situation.

It can be tricky to decide between the two sessions, but I recommend to parents that it’s always better to have extra time to talk more in-depth than to run out of time and not get all your questions answered!

Click on the two sessions above to see my available dates and times. Don’t see a time or date that works for you? Email me to schedule a good time –

Both the classes and private sessions are a wonderful opportunity to get additional knowledge and support for your sleep questions. A personalized sleep plan with detailed step-by-step guidance in addition to ongoing phone and email support is always a good option.

So, what happens if you take a class or have a private session and decide you really do need more support and a fully detailed sleep plan? Don’t worry I have you covered. If you take a class or have a private session and decide you would like to upgrade to a full sleep package, I will deduct the cost of the session or class from your sleep plan (because you shouldn’t have to pay twice)!

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Because parents deserve sleep too!