Boca Raton Sleep Consultant

Is your little one struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Are you exhausted trying to get them down for naps or tired of trying to get them to sleep through the night? A baby who receives the right amount of sleep proves to be more happy, playful, and even eager to learn.

I understand where you are in this stage of your life. I was the mother of a newborn who had allergies that led to breakouts and reflux issues. This caused our first year to take quite a toll on our family. Once our medical issues were under control, he was still a terrible sleeper. Exhausted with lack of sleep, a suffering marriage and postpartum, I knew we had to get help! We found an online program that offered a plan and real expert support. Now as a certified sleep consultant, I have the training and experience to help other families struggling with sleep issues.

What I Offer

I offer a clear, easy-to-follow plan that will teach your little one the skills necessary to happily fall asleep, stay asleep throughout the night and even take restful naps in the day. Every plan I offer includes the following:

Preliminary sleep evaluation: You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire about your child’s routines, sleep habits and family dynamic. I use all this information to help me create the best customized sleep plan for you and your unique family.

Customized sleep plan: This plan will cover a 24-hour schedule and will be given and reviewed during the consultation. The plan will include night weaning, nap transitions and a general feeding schedule if needed.

Private one-on-one consultation: During this time together, we will review your customized sleep plan step by step. Giving you confidence to comfortably address bedtime, naptime, night waking, and other issues that you are dealing with.

Follow-up support: Depending on your child’s age range, I will provide daily support for roughly 2 to 4 weeks following your consultation. This includes unlimited scheduled phone calls and unlimited email support during our time together.

Additional support: I also offer a wide range of additional support packages. Since I know every family and baby is unique, you should have support options to make this process as easy and successful as possible. Different support packages include day and night text messaging as well as in home and overnight support.

Sleep Plans

It is our job as a parent to give our children every possible advantage. I offer personalized plans from newborn to school age children because it’s never too early or too late to create sleepy sleep habits!

Newborns: It is never too early to get started on the right path to good sleep. We will develop a gentle plan to create healthy sleeping habits for years to come and set your baby up for a childhood of peaceful nights.

Babies: As your little bundle of joy begins to grow and develop sleep issues become apparent. Now is the time to nip it in the bud and train them how to sleep.

Toddlers: Habits can stick hard for toddlers struggling with sleep. We will help with a solid plan to quickly get them on the right track.

Multiples: It can be challenging with one child that won’t sleep, but even more complicated with multiple children that struggle to fall asleep! We have specific plans for parents facing challenges with twins and multiples.

Why My Sleep Plans Work

I have a simple, yet practical approach to improving your child’s sleep, which will benefit them for years to come. I will provide you with a step-by-step and easy plan to follow that helps you make the best choices about helping your little one.

Every baby is different, and you know your child better than anyone else. It is necessary to use your insight to help customize the sleep plan best for them. You will learn how to measure the successes you are experiencing when beginning your sleep plan.

Even though your bundle of joy will not sleep ten or 12 straight hours on night one, I will outline what to expect as you are on your sleep journey. I will also give you the continuing education on how to keep your little one on track!

Boca Raton, FL Sleep Coach

As your Sleep Trainer in Boca Raton, I have a plan that will meet your needs! Reach out to me today, and we will get started. If you are not sure what plan will best fit your needs, set up a free 15-minute phone conversation and I will talk you through which would be ideal for you and your family.

Give you and your baby the gift of sleep!