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Ready for a Good Night’s Sleep?

Are you frustrated, exhausted, and feel like you’re at your wit’s end? Or maybe you just want your baby to sleep independently and learn to develop positive feelings toward sleep? Whatever your reason is, you’re here because you know the importance of sleep for your little one and the rest of your family, including yourself. You’ve come to the right place! I care about all the families I work with. 

Why I Started Good Little SleeperZzz

I started Good Little SleeperZzz because of my experience with my son, Logan. He was a terrible sleeper! He hardly slept for one hour at a time, and I spent a significant chunk of my son’s first year of life trying to soothe him back to sleep. I hardly slept myself, and everyone in our household was miserable.

I read everything I could get my hands on to fix the problem, but nothing seemed to help. I realized what I needed was one-on-one support from a caring professional. When I couldn’t find anyone who fit the bill, I decided to fill the gap myself. After extensive research and going back to studying, I became a certified sleep coach in 2015, and I started helping local families and families throughout the world.

I can help you and your family get the sleep you need, carefully and respectfully. I pride myself on listening to and supporting your family’s wishes. After all, I am the coach, but you know your baby and family better than I do. By working together, we will find the best sleep solution for your family. 

Sleep is Essential for All Children

There are obvious adverse effects associated with a child who can’t sleep – an exhausted household, a cranky baby, and everyone feeling lost because of the lack of predictability. Aside from these, my research also uncovered many other troublesome side effects of poor sleeping routines.

For example, a lower IQ, a higher chance of obesity, and a higher risk of hyperactivity are all associated with a lack of sleep. There are also negative effects on memory, organizational skills, and the ability to regulate emotions.

Put simply, helping your child develop and maintain a consistent sleeping schedule and daily routine is one of the very best things you can do for your child and yourself. 

There’s nothing worse than struggling to feel patient, affectionate, and happy toward your child because you’re just too sleepy. Your child’s inability to sleep strains your relationship with them – which is unsustainable and far from ideal. 

You may think you can’t solve this problem, but trust me; we can solve it together.

I’m your Florida sleep consulting expert, and I want to help. It’s time to get you and your child’s life back on track.

  Expert Florida Sleep Consultant

My Services

As a baby grows and matures, their needs and personalities also change. Through my Good Little SleeperZzz program, I have created unique services for children in differing developmental stages. For example, a sleep plan for a newborn baby differs from a sleep plan for your 8-month-old baby. My plan always reflects the needs of your child’s specific developmental stage. I also offer custom plans for families with children of different ages, as well as twins and multiples.


Start on the right foot with your newborn. Developing a plan early on is a great way to set your baby up for a childhood of peaceful, well-rested nights.


Sleep issues often emerge as your baby grows and develops during the first 18 months. Your newborn baby who was sleeping for hours at a time might begin changing their sleep schedule once they hit eight weeks old. This is a great time to get a sleep plan in place and nip any problems in the bud!


Toddlers who struggle with sleep are among the most stubborn clients. Don’t worry, we’ll put together a solid plan to get them back on track in no time.


What’s harder than a child that won’t sleep? Multiple children that won’t sleep! This is why we develop specific plans for parents struggling to help their twins or multiples create consistent sleep schedules.

How Good Little SleeperZzz Can Help

While trying to help my son sleep, I realized every child is different. Even if you’ve researched everything you can about sleep, understanding each child’s specific sleep challenges is integral to helping them sleep well.

What does work is a customized approach. In this case, you will receive a unique sleep plan that considers everything, including your parenting style, your schedule, your lifestyle, and your unique child.

I understand the importance of emotional support during this challenging period of helping your child sleep independently. This is why I provide one-on-one guidance during our entire time together. I’ll continue to support you in any way I can until we meet the planned sleep goals.

I also ensure that everyone I work with understands basic sleep education, including the importance of a good sleeping rhythm for the health and well-being of your child. You’ll understand what your child is going through and how best to help them through the changes they’re experiencing.

Developing a step-by-step and easy-to-follow plan is part of what I offer. This includes age-appropriate expectations and success measures. This way, we can celebrate the small victories that lead to your ultimate success, keeping you positive, hopeful, focused, and on track.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a customized plan that is effective and also accommodates your personal beliefs on how you want to raise and parent your little one. When our time together is done, I leave you with information on how to maintain your current success, including guidance on nap transitions, daylight savings time, travel tips, and more.

With the right tools and support, I assure you that good peaceful sleep is achievable!

International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

Kind Words from My Clients

Above all else, what drives Good Little SleeperZzz is the satisfaction I gain from helping struggling parents regain their freedom, stability, and health. Receiving kind, grateful words from them, such as these, means everything.
“Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!! I just had my first full night of sleep in 5 1/12 months. She slept from 7:00 to 5:00 and went back down until 7:00.  I was so happy I woke up crying. Thanks again! You are a lifesaver.”
Elyce, Kevin and Jaidyn Battle

“I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of sleep! At this point, I am telling EVERY parent that I know about your program. It was worth every cent and more!
Gailda Davis

“I am happy to report that [our son] has stopped throwing tantrums entirely and he seems generally happier and more secure. I have referred you to six friends and I will continue to refer you to others.”
Christie O'Toole

“You are a life saver!!!! Your program has given us back our lives, and has recreated that special bond that I lost with my child. Thank you so much”
Gary, Candice and Kaide

Because parents deserve sleep too!